Forensic classes investigate crime scene

An overall view of the crime scene.

Mrs. Chapman’s forensic classes are investigating a crime scene of a murder this week. In the back of her classroom Chapman set up a crime scene for students to investigate, analyze, and draw conclusions. The crime scene included a fake body, fake blood, and other props like a poker set, water-bottles and a hammer.

“I think it’s interesting and a lot better then regular classes to be able to work on something like a crime scene,” Ali Delahaye said. She finds this hands on teaching method helps her learn. “I want to be a correctional officer, and this class helps me learn about criminal justice,” Delahaye said. She enjoys the class as it applies to her future career plans.

Ali Delahaye measuring evidence.

“It’s a very accurate representation of a real crime scene,” senior Jacob Polczynski said.  He was astounded by the accuracy and attention to detail. His favorite part was measuring evidence on the crime scene as he loves math.”This class keeps my interest in the criminal justice system,” Polcysnski said. He said it helps him make connections to what’s going on in the news.

“It was interesting because we got to see the process that the authorities follow when they get on the scene,” Rachel Johnson said. She enjoyed learning about all the different processes involved in forensics. She took the task of investigating very seriously as she knows crimes like this happen every day.

“It was a little sad because you have to realize that this actually happens to people and it could be real,” Johnson said.