The Movies You Never Knew About are Around the Corner

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The Movies You Never Knew About are Around the Corner

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Imagine going to a movie theater. You know it’s there somewhere, but all you can see are double doors labeled “State” in between an Urban Outfitter and a Chipotle. You can’t believe that a whole theater can fit in this narrow space, but you decide to go in anyways. That’s when the true magic begins.

You find a flight of stairs and decide to go up. As you do this, the theater reveals itself as a large hallway filled with life: people sitting in the lounge seats, a jukebox on the side playing catchy music, a bustling concession stand, and someone is always promoting a new movie. This is the State Theater.

The lobby may seem neat to people, but what’s important to a theater are their movies. This theater tries to stick out of the crowd by showing the films that are important, but not flashy enough to get into mainstream theaters.

“ I like the idea that films aren’t seen everywhere and it’s special and it’s unique,” says Susan, a gold member at the State Theater. “I like the documentary movies…They only show them for one day and I’m really into those more than anything, surprisingly. I didn’t think I’d love documentaries as much.”

The State Theater likes to do a lot of different events for the movie lovers. They have midnight movies all year round, which could range from a classic like Pulp Fiction or The Big Lebowski to a movie that’s only recently gotten out of theaters, like Get Out.

On September 23 the State Theater had a large event going on called Art House Theater Day. This day was a celebration of the brick and mortar movie theaters and a celebration of movies and the influence they have on society. To celebrate they had three different movies playing one time only: The Big Bad Fox and Other Tales, a movie for the family to watch and enjoy, The Guilty, a movie that was critically acclaimed at film festivals, and Schlock, a classic film that started the career of the famous director John Landis. Throughout this day people were able to win t-shirts, memberships, and free tickets from a raffle right before the movie.

“I think the film director here likes to pick things that are unique and different from the main theaters”, says Susan. “There is a lot more meaning in these movies.”

From the end of October to the middle of November, the State Theater is showing movies based around the Fall time for the whole family to enjoy such as Hocus Pocus, Frankenweenie, Babe, and Charlotte’s Web. To learn more about the showtimes and dates for these great films and more, visit

-Michael Gonzalez