Piper Brady: Discovering New Frontiers

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This past summer, Piper Brady attended a pre-college program called the Brown Environmental Leadership Lab: Alaska.  


Piper Brady found the program while looking online.  She applied to be one of 26 students from all over the world to attend.

“I’ve always been passionate about the environment, and I thought that this would not only teach me more about leadership, but also witness, observe, and learn about the environment first-hand,” Brady said.  

Piper is the president and founder of the Environmental Club, where she is working to improve the environmental state of the high school.  While studying in Alaska, Brady met new people from around the world who played the same role in their communities.

“The coolest thing was meeting so many different people from around the world,” Brady said.  

Piper was able to experience many unforgettable and fascinating adventures during her two week trip.  She was able to learn more and observe the environment in its natural form.

“One memorable experience was when we had a lecture from a well-known biologist in Alaska,” Brady said.  “We hiked four miles uphill and were featured on Animal Planet! The lecture was about climate change in Alaska and how they’re handling the issue.  It was the best lecture I’ve ever had.”

Piper’s days were packed with hikes and lectures that explained how environmental factors effect the world around her. At the end of each day, she debriefed and discussed the days topics with her classmates.

“One of my favorite things about the whole group of people was that everyone contributed and weren’t afraid to speak their mind,” Brady said.  “The people there inspired me more than Alaska did!”

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