Homecoming Crew: A New Tradition

The Homecoming Court tradition is somewhat of a staple in many student’s high school memories, but this year PHS student government decided to switch it up. This year the Homecoming Court was replaced by a Homecoming Crew.

The Crew was voted upon by students last week in their advisory and at the end of the week one Senior Captain of Homecoming Pirate Crew will be elected. The change came as a way to shift the focus from the traditional King and Queen popularity or couple voting and put more focus on who best represents our school based on the pillars of Respect, Trustworthiness, and Responsibility. Many people think it’s a nice change.

“I think it’s a good shift,” English teacher Mrs. Walker said. “I think it focuses more on people’s character as opposed to whether or not they’re in a relationship, so I think it’s a good thing for moving forward.”

While many people do like the change, lots of others are upset about it. Many people don’t like the fact that it’s varying from tradition.

“Homecoming King and Queen is a tradition,” PHS alumni Jessica Wines said. “It’s been that way since the beginning of time. It’s not something that should be messed with or changed.”

Others don’t think the change is having any effect on the way people are voting.

“I think it’s still just popular people that are picked,” senior Alyssa Verdoni said. “I think it didn’t really make a difference in the votes anyway.”

Despite the many differing opinions people have on the topic, everyone is anxiously awaiting to see who will be announced the Homecoming Crew Captain at the big game this Friday.

“I can’t wait to find out who won,” senior Alex Daniels said. “I’m honestly pumped for the announcement at the game, it’s gonna be hype.”


For more information on how the Homecoming Crew is structured check out the attached video by Student Government