Class Council Brings Back Sophomore School Spirit

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Class Council Brings Back Sophomore School Spirit

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The 2021 Class Council is starting this school year in positive spirits. The group may have some challenges regarding Homecoming week school spirit but that’s not stopping anyone.

Class shirt for the 2018-19 school year.

The ten students who make up the sophomore class council are approaching the upcoming events in different ways. They were told by teacher representative Angela Walker that shirt sales declined compared to last year and that could really only mean one thing, sophomores were giving up. Seeing that Homecoming is right around the corner this has made bad news worse. Immediately the students were thinking of ways to fund raise for the money lost. 

“The money we have goes towards things like the Homecoming float and prom. Fundraising is super important, there really is no other way to get money,” sophomore Class Council representative Bailey Whitney said.

Sophomores Bailey Whitney and Marissa Wolschleger show their school spirit at the “glow” football game.

Fundraising is only one of their problems, they also have to tackle the reality that their fellow classmates don’t seem to care. Some students believe that the reason school spirit is disappearing is that they’re sophomores,  “No one cares. That’s it, no one really cares about it. We’re not freshman anymore, we don’t have to try and prove that we’re as good as everyone else,” Whitney said.

Others, like new Sophomore Class Council representative Vivi Eddings, believe that this is just a slump that everyone is going through, “We have less spirit because it’s the beginning of the year and we’re just getting started and getting into everything. It will come eventually.” Either way, the beginning of the school year is not the ideal time to not care. 

The students are still staying positive through it all, and even coming up with ideas for the grade to show their support, “It would be super cool if everybody on a specific day wears the class shirt,” Whitney said. 

The individuals that make up class council have to work together seeing as they are representing sophomores in front of the town during the homecoming parade on September 28th. Despite the weight that is on their shoulders from the high expectations people put on them, including themselves, nothing but uplifting vibes are being shared. “This year we’re more prepared and asking more questions about it,” Whitney said. “It will run much smoother and we’re starting ahead, we know what we are doing and are ready to roll!”

Sophomores Bailey Whitney and Jenna Ezerkis show their school spirit at the “luau” football game.

“I wasn’t in class council last year but this just seems like a good group of people who will get everything under control,” Eddings said.“In a way I’m meeting new people and the people in class council are very responsible. I think this school year is going to be a good one! We’re not freshman anymore, so we’re a bit more responsible and mature. It will go much better!”

It’s not only class council members that have hope in their grade,  sophomore Jaden Payne said, “Class Council helps run the school, most people don’t even realize what all they do.” When asked about school spirit the JV Right Tackle added, “We try to be cheerful when our school loses and we continuously believe in our grade. We try to stay positive even when things aren’t looking good for us and we don’t give up.”

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