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College students help escalate the electronic skateboard franchise

Lance Reynolds, Contributor

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RIT student longboarding through campus

Skateboarding has been an influential activity since the late 1940’s. Over the years, the skateboarding environment has changed into a growing commutative sport. Although skateboarding is a very interactive sport, it isn’t just for tricks and fun. Skateboarding is also a great source of transportation. Other types of skateboards, such as long boards and cruisers, are made for transportation.

“It’s really nice,” PHS junior Jimmy Cooper said, “I can save a lot of money if my point ‘b’ is close by.”

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Boosted board being carried by rider

Skateboarding has been developing and changing over the years. Electronic skateboards have recently been introduced to the market making it easier for faster-cheaper transportation. Boosted Board creates electrical longboards that are controlled with a wireless remote that allows the rider to control the speed of their board. Current prices for these boards vary between $450 and $1,800. College students have began playing a huge part in the consumer position for these boards.

“I’ll definitely be getting one for college,” Jimmy Cooper said.  “It’ll make it way easier to get around the campus.”

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College students help escalate the electronic skateboard franchise