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30 Years of Hard work and kindness comes to an end

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30 Years of Hard work and kindness comes to an end

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As the school year dwindles, Mrs. Meyer has decided to make her 30th year at PHS, her final year.

“I think it was just time and it’s a good time to retire. Everything is in a good place right now and we have a lot of new teachers who I feel are really passionate about their job, so yes I would say it’s a good time to retire,” Mrs. Meyer said. For some, this came as a surprise because Meyer is just as smiley and radiant as the day she started 30 years ago.

Mrs. Meyer with retired PHS teachers and friends Kathi Burkholder and Ruthann Schulke.

Some may not know Mrs. Meyer was and continues to be a pivotal part in turning the school around. “Back in the 90’s Pinckney wasn’t in a good place, no one wanted to attend here, parents were pulling their kids left and right from the school, but Mrs. Meyer helped changed that. Along with Mrs. McCarthy they started PPI and Camp Skyline,” Dr. Darga said.

Each year students hope they get the chance to apply to Camp Skyline and are considered lucky and honored if accepted. After the students come back from the weekend long retreat, they have lasting memories, new friends and a new understanding of one another. “My proudest career accomplishment would be Camp Skyline,” Meyer said.

Besides Camp Skyline, Meyer coached volleyball, was the Key Club adviser, the National Honor Society adviser and taught practically every math class offered. Her decision to be active in the community made her a leader to students and staff.

“She makes you want to be a better teacher. Her leadership skills and the way she makes everyone feel welcome is contagious,” Special Education teacher Mrs. Gross said.

Mrs. Meyer is more than just a teacher. “She’s like a mom. She’s always looking out for you and she’s so caring. She was one of my first friends here,” Consumer Sciences teacher Mrs. Winkler said.  Mrs. Meyer has had a positive effect on teachers such as Ms. Beger, Mr. Doupe, Mrs. Gross, Mr. Braschler, and several others.

“Mrs. Meyer has done several things for me not only on a professional level by giving advice and guidance, but she listens to me vent and even walked my dog once! She also throws the best gatherings,” Ms. Beger said. Not only is Meyer a figurative mom for the staff members, but a literal mom to her two kids who were raised in Pinckney and attended Pinckney schools.

“It was one of the best decisions I made because I knew everyone that taught my kids,” Mrs. Meyere said. “I was proud of the education they received and the great community they received it in.” 

Mrs. Meyer already has plans for her future as a retiree. Her husband is retiring in June, and they already sold their house and are moving about an hour away to Lake Lapeer. “I’m excited to start this second phase of my life with my husband. Although I’ll be sad to leave my colleagues and this school, I’m glad I’m ending it while I still enjoying teacher and I don’t become ‘Cranky Mrs. Meyers the Math Teacher’,” Meyers said.

The school is sad to see the Meyer era come to an end but respect her decision and are excited to see her enjoy the time she will get to spend by the lake with her family. Mrs. Meyer will be missed, but she is greatly appreciated for her generosity and the essential changes she made for this school. Thank you Mrs. Meyer!

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30 Years of Hard work and kindness comes to an end