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10 thing you might not know about Mr. Scranton

Courtney Jarema and Cierra Szalony, Staff Writers

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  1. The Scranton Middle School in Brighton is named after Mr. Scranton’s dad, who was a Prisoner of War (POW) during World War II for four months in Germany. The school has a plaque dedicated to his dad who was also a teacher, athletic director, coach and later the principal in the Brighton District.
    • “He was the Middle School principal and he scared the daylights out of those kids,” Mr. Scranton said.
  2. Following in his father’s footsteps, Mr. Scranton was drafted for the Vietnam War. He was to be sent out in February or March to join the service; however, President Nixon canceled the draft.
    • “My dad was a World War II veteran, so I would’ve gone,” Mr. Scranton said.
  3. During his high school career, Mr. Scranton dabbled in theater. His acting career included being a gravedigger, speaking about five words while standing with his shovel and playing a waiter in My Fair Lady.
    • “I wasn’t going to be in a play, it wasn’t cool,” Mr. Scranton said. “But the drama teacher called up my dad and my dad told me I was trying out for the play.”
  4. Mr. Scranton’s favorite sport to both coach and watch is basketball. His dad ushered at the University of Michigan basketball games, so he tended to tag along, and really enjoyed his time watching the team. He also loves football and golf, or basically anything with a ball. The only sport he never really got into was soccer.
    • “I will go watch anybody play basketball and if you told me right now that there was an elementary school that had a basketball game, and I could go, I would,” Mr. Scranton said. “I just love basketball, high school level especially.”
  5. Mr. Scranton’s son, a 2003 Pinckney graduate, Eric Scranton now teaches in Texas. With Mr. Scranton’s new found free time, he plans to travel to Texas for a couple months when the weather is cold to visit with his son and go to sporting events.
    • “We have a couple football games already planned,” Mr. Scranton said. “They have a big Texas/Oklahoma game right next to where he lives.”
    • Mr. Scranton with his son, Eric.

  6. Interestingly enough, Mr. Scranton originally didn’t plan to go to college for business or high school education, but instead planned to go into elementary education or aviation engineering. Even then he took various classes and changed his major in college.
    • “As teachers, we like to go, ‘what are you going to major in college?’” Mr. Scranton said. “Well, you find out a lot when you go to college and you might not know, and to me, that was always okay.”
  7. Before beginning his second career as a teacher, Mr. Scranton worked in retail management for eighteen years. When Mr. Scranton decided to change his career, he went back to school to get a teaching certificate from Ferris State University. He taught in Pinckney for 24 years.
    • “It was hard in the beginning [going back to school],” Mr. Scranton said, “But even if you take just one class, it gives you an idea of what’s still going on, and it worked out great for me.”
  8. Mr. Scranton’s favorite class to teach is Sports Entertainment and Marketing, but his second favorite is the school store, which unfortunately no longer exists. For a while, the store was the largest seller of hard candy with 4,000 pieces sold one year. The school store also had number one sales for a company out in Lansing which supplied the school store’s hard candy.
    •  “I used to be pretty successful at it, but things changed,” Mr.Scranton said. “Mrs. Obama, and maybe rightfully so, started to put some restrictions that we should eat healthier and it affected the food service.”
  9. Mr. Scranton also coached at the high school. He coached girl’s golf for fourteen years, giving it up three years ago, but the last two years he coached the team went to states. For fifteen years he coached basketball with Mr. Reason, nine years with the freshman girls, winning ninety-nine games before switching to the freshman boys team with Mr. Reason.
    •  “The wins are great, but you get to know students in a different way,” Mr. Scranton said.
    • Mr. Scranton with the girls golf team.

  10. Mr. Scranton loves to stay in touch with his students and see how far they’ve come since high school. He had one of his previous students, Ashley Preston, come into his classes as a guest speaker to share about her success as a communications major at the U of M.
    •  “She’d come to see me at the basketball games because I had season tickets, and she did the Twitter for all the basketball games,” Mr. Scranton said.
    • Mr. Scranton with Ashley Preston when she came to the school to present.

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10 thing you might not know about Mr. Scranton