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The Best Hall in Pinckney High School

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Here at Pinckney High School we have a handful of teachers and staff retiring, Janelle Hall, Pinckney High school lead secretary is not retiring, but she is leaving and moving onto other things such as moving to Tennessee to be back together with her husband who was transferred down there two years ago because of her job. Mrs. Hall has been here for 5 years and wishes to continue this career after she leave Pinckney High School.

“I’m excited to be back together with my husband after being parted from him for almost two years,” Mrs.Hall said.

Mrs. Hall stayed in Michigan because they had a child who was still in high school, and they wanted them to finish out their high school experience at Pinckney High.

”One of my favorite memories is the graduations of my children,” Mrs.Hall said.

Mrs.Hall is an inspirational person. Her favorite memory is when she encouraged a student to come to school, not skip and stay away from the group that was holding them back. Mrs. Hall worked with the student for two years. When they graduated, the student ended up going to WCC and later returned to thank Mrs. Hall for making a difference in their life and cheering them on to go to school and graduate.

”I always get emotional when I talk about that because it was so inspiring,” Mrs.Hall said.

Over the years Mrs. Hall as worked and volunteered all over Pinckney Schools.  She genuinely cares about the students and the staff here at Pinckney High School.  

“I will enjoy being with my husband in Tennessee, we’ve been divided for two years due to our jobs, so I’m excited to be with him again,” Mrs. Hall said. “The goal would to be another school secretary in Tennessee.” 

Mrs. Hall does almost all of the behind the scenes work in our school, she definitely doesn’t get enough credit for all of the things she does to keep the high school, up and running.  

Her favorite part of her job is “connecting with the students and getting to know them personally, sometimes when they come to me they’re shy and awkward and then they eventually open up to me.”

 Thank you Mrs. Hall for doing all of the behind the scenes work and making PHS a great place to be. 

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The Best Hall in Pinckney High School