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It’s a Major Deal

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It’s a Major Deal

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Mrs. Majors is a hall monitor here at Pinckney High School. She is retiring after 24 years of working in the Pinckney district. Even though she will miss the kids and teachers at this school, she is excited for a new chapter.

“I will be traveling more. Winters will be spent in Florida. We have a camper, and I am excited to spend more time with my four grandchildren,” Mrs. Majors said.

Before working at Pinckney, Mrs. Majors worked in professional photo finishing. She decided to work in Pinckney because this is where she and her children lived. Her typical day consists of opening doors, looking at cameras, and watching for wanderers in the halls.

“My favorite thing about working here are the kids and great teachers. Watching kids come in as freshmen and leave as seniors and seeing how much they’ve grown and matured,” she said.

Her most memorable moments here are the senior pranks. Her husband, Mr. Majors, also works at the high school. He teaches metals and autos. He understands what she goes through on a daily basis.

Mrs. Majors loved working at PHS because it is a beautiful school with amazing people.  The person that has influenced her the most here would have to be Mrs. Wuckert.  She worked with PPI and retired in 2007.

“I still see her, and she never stops inspiring me” Mrs. Majors said.

Mrs. Majors has had a wonderful experience at Pinckney. She told us that it is never dull here, there’s always something going on. Her union and staff at the high school planned a retirement party for her and the other retirees to give thanks for all their hard work.

Thank you Mrs. Majors for keeping the students of Pinckney High School happy and safe. You will be missed!

Mrs. Majors at her desk in the high school office on June 6th. She is definitely going to keep in touch with her friends here.

Mrs. Majors watching over the kids during lunch. She also gives announcements using the microphone.

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It’s a Major Deal