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Half Moon Lake Bass Fishing Tournament

Jacob Otberg

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The Pinckney bass fishing team had their second tournament at half moon lake on May 24th.  12 anglers were excited to start fishing on the Half Moon chain of lakes.  Qwendy Lytle explained the rules to the boaters and fisherman, “All the boats will group together at 5:30 P.M. and wait for blast off.  All boats have to be in by 8:30 and every minute they are late is a pound off their bag of fish.”

Once everyone blasted off to go find a fishing spot, one of the anglers, Blake Moutray, forgot to hold onto his hat and as the boat picked up speed his hat flew off into the water.  Some teams struggled to catch fish although most everyone was able to get a few pounds of fish in the boat.  Brad Sindlinger, Kyle Blades, and Ethan Linn with their boater John took first place with 11.81 lbs. of fish.  This was their second win of the season.  Devon Meade and Dylan Leighton came in close second with a little over 11 pounds of fish.  Gabe Latella and Drew came in third.  All the anglers are excited for their next tournament on Portage lake June 4th.

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Half Moon Lake Bass Fishing Tournament