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Pizza places in Pinckney

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The small town of Pinckney has multiple pizza places: Marco’s Pizza, Little Caesars, Hungry Howies, Riverside Pizza, Jets Pizza and Town Square Pizza. Students tend to like pizza because it’s easy to get and cheap. They were asked to pick their favorite pizza restaurant in the small town of Pinckney.

“My favorite pizza place to order pizza from is Hungry Howies because their crust is so good,” Caitlin O’Donohue said. Hungry Howies is located by Ace Hardware on the east side of Pinckney.

“I like Marco’s because the cheese is good, and it’s super close to my house,” Ashlyn Norris said. She tends to order pizza two or three times a month because her family likes to eat different food.

“I like Riverside Pizza because they have a lot of variety of pizzas and salads,” Kallia Carlson said. PHS student Sarah Dorosh’s grandpa owns Riverside pizza, and many students work at Riverside.

“I love Hungry Howies pizza because I love their crust, and a bit of home cooking, no pun intended, but my uncle owns Hungry Howies,” Ashley Redding said.

Pizza is very popular in Pinckney because we only have three other fast food restaurants, and they don’t deliver. Pizza has the luxury of being delivered except Little Ceasers. Even though most teens can drive, they don’t always want to get up and drive to pick up the pizza. Although Pizza is easy and affordable, there always is some downsides. “Jets pizza is my least favorite because their pizza is greasy to the point where I have to put a napkin over it to be able to eat it,” Ashley Redding said. Having extra grease on pizza is either a hit or a miss with students.

“I have pizza almost every single night of the week with my family,” Ava Welling said. ” We are either on the run all the time, or we can’t decide what we want for dinner.” All of Pinckney’s pizza places have a different outlook on pizza whether that means the toppings or the salads, some pizza places have wings and some have subs, just to give some variety to the people of Pinckney.

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Pizza places in Pinckney