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School year memories

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With school coming to an end students are remembering their favorite memories from the 2017-2018 school year.

Most memories are made when students are with their friends. “My favorite memory was going to all the home football games with my friends and dressing to the theme of the game. I just remember laughing all the time and having a good time,” sophomore Aubree Jones said.  

With the easy lake or pool access that students have in Pinckney, many students create their memories at the lake or a pool with their friends. “My favorite memory was getting dismissed on a Friday and going straight to a lake or pool to hang out with my friends,”  sophomore Tyler Laesch said.  

Many students favorite memories are about themselves or something they have been working on. “My memory was when I was working on my old truck, and I tried to turn it over and it started to run. I started to flip out! It was a sign of relief,” junior Kyler Anderson said.

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School year memories