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Lilly Prescott and Ashley Fransee on being JV softball captains

Ashley Fransee and Lilly Prescott

Ashley Fransee and Lilly Prescott

Brooke Holloway

Brooke Holloway

Ashley Fransee and Lilly Prescott

Cierra Szalony, Staff Writer

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To be a captain means that one has to be dedicated to their sport and their team twenty-four seven. Lilly Prescott and Ashley Fransee do just that as the two were elected to be captains of the Junior Varsity softball team.

“I wanted to run for captain because my love for the game is just as strong as my hope for this softball program in the future,” sophomore Ashley Fransee said. “I like using my talent and putting it into other players.”

For many people being a captain means being able to lead a team. Leading a team of twelve people is not for everyone though, as it requires patience, a positive attitude, and most importantly the ability to be able to work through difficult times.

“I have learned that you have to keep calm even when you want to yell at a bad play, being positive is everything to the team,” junior Lilly Prescott said.

Both Lilly and Ashley are proud of their teammates pushing through any obstacle in their way, whether it be recovering from a bad game or pushing through a rough practice.

“The best part about being a captain is watching the team grow,” Ashley said. “We have grown tremendously since the first week of practice, and it really goes to show what good coaching and committed girls can do for a team.”

However, even with the effort and improvement of the team, there have been some rough times this season. It might have slowed the captains down, but it never stopped them from doing their best for the team.

“Of course there have been times when stress from work, school, and leading a whole team has become stressful, but I have never doubted my position,” Ashley said. “I know I’m fully capable of leading these girls in the right direction, whether it may be softball related or not and I want them to know that they can come to me for anything, and I think that’s what brings me back to why I ran for captain.”

As the girls grew this season, they learned a few important things that they hope to share with next year’s captains.

“If you want something, work for it,” Lilly said. “Nothing falls into your lap that easy and if you work you’ll earn it.”

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Lilly Prescott and Ashley Fransee on being JV softball captains