Debatable Episode #1: Real or Fake Plants

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Debatable Episode #1: Real or Fake Plants

Which do you prefer: real or fake plants? Photographer Samantha White.

Which do you prefer: real or fake plants? Photographer Samantha White.

Which do you prefer: real or fake plants? Photographer Samantha White.

Which do you prefer: real or fake plants? Photographer Samantha White.

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Noah Attard (NA): Hello, I’m Noah Attard.

Samantha White (SW): And I’m Samantha White.

NA and SW: This is episode one of Debatable.

SW: The date is Wednesday May 2, 2018.

NA: Today’s topic will be whether you should use real house plants or fake house plants.

NA: I’m going to be taking the side of real house plants.

SW: And I’m taking the fake plant side.

NA: Now, we’ll start the debate.

SW: Fake plants are best because they are convenient, easy to take care of, and tasteful.

NA: I think that real house plants are preferable because they reduce CO₂, feel more authentic, and have a nicer aesthetic, and refresh the air.  

SW: That may be so, but to take care of a real house plant is a lot of work. You have to make sure you put them in a place that has a lot of sun, and you may not have a place like that in your home. Maybe your house does not have very many windows and you can’t get your plants a lot of sunlight.

SW: And you always have to water the plants, and depending on the plant, you may have to water them every day. Additionally, people often have pets, and pets can get into your plants and create a mess. Then you have dirt all over your house, because of your plant and your pet.

SW: Maybe you have allergies and they can worsen your allergies. It’ll take a lot of work to get medication for your allergies.

NA: Well, while all of that is true, you can get plants that are, ya know, plants that don’t need as much sunlight. Let’s head back to 2010 As Seen on TV commercials real quick, Aqua Globes. You remember Aqua Globes?

SW: No.

NA: NO????

SW: You’re going to have to tell me what they are, honestly.

NA: Ok, so they had these glass balls that you filled up with water and you just stuck it in your pot, and it would just drain water as it was needed.

SW: Oh, I heard of those!

NA: So you don’t have to water them every day.

SW:  But you have to refill the aqua ball.

NA: Yeah, every few days. That’s worth the trade off, considering how much they freshen the air.

SW: Where do you even buy those? How would consumers know how to get one of these for their plants so they don’t have to put in the work of watering their plants?
NA: Well they were on TV in 2010.

SW: It’s 2018.

NA: Well that’s true.

SW: Maybe they don’t sell ‘em anymore.

NA: You can buy ‘em at the dollar store now.

SW: Yeah but it’s not only about convenice but fake plants also bring a flare of taste into your life because if you buy the right fake plant, a lot of people can’t tell they’re fake until it’s too late.

NA: Until it’s too late. Sounds like fake plants are going to take over the world.

SW: Maybe they will. Maybe they won’t.

NA: By the way, the way I look at it, real plants have so many benefits. They refresh the air, and they also reduce CO₂, they look more authentic, and feel more authentic, and they also add humidity to the air, especially if you have sun on them.

SW: Yeah, but plants die, and then you lose your humidifier. Why don’t you just order a humidifier if you need more humidity in your house? That would be a more efficient way to do that.

NA: Well that’s true, but they also add a cleanseiness to the air, a smell you won’t get if you have a bunch of plastic plants.

SW: There are always air fresheners. They exist for a reason.

NA: Yeah, but having a living plant, also ya know, it give you something to take care of.

SW: Get a pet.

NA: A pet? That’s even more work.

SW: Yeah, you could get a goldfish though.

NA: That’s still more work than a living plant and he’s not gonna refresh the air or make it smell any better.

SW: But now you’ll have a good aqua friend.

NA: You could just put the goldfish in the vase of the plants.

SW: But then the plants would put too much oxygen in the water for the fish. If you wanna put plants with your fish, you should use fake plants.

NA: The fish will be fine.

SW: It’ll put too much oxygen in the water. That’s why they have the fake little aquamarine plants, because otherwise there’s too much oxygen in the water.

NA: Do the fish really suffocate?

SW: Yeah, because there is too much oxygen. There will be an algae growth and then there won’t be enough oxygen for them.

NA: Oh.

SW: And they’ll die. That’s why they have fake planets.

NA: I didn’t know that.

SW: That’s why you need fake plants, so your fish doesn’t die.

NA: Wow. I never realized fake plants were so important to our world.

NA and SW: *laughing*

SW: Yeah, see, without them people couldn’t have goldfish in pretty aquamarines.

NA: Well, I still stand by my point. I think real plants look better, and I think they’re worth it to keep around, even though they are a bit of work.

SW: But eventually they’ll die, so you lose your money at some point. With fake plants, they are there forever so you never lose your money.

SW: And you don’t have to worry about the sunlight or strategic placement. You could just put them where ever you want, and you don’t have to worry about whether they’ll have enough sun or not because they require zero sun.

NA: That is true.

NA: I don’t know, I guess maybe one not necessarily better than the other. The importance is to look at your circumstances and decide, well, would I be better with a real plant or a fake plant here.

SW: We all know fake plants would be better because you wouldn’t have to worry about any of that. Circumstances don’t matter with fake plants. Fake plants are as they are.

SW: Fake plants are your only true friends.

NA: But what if you have the ability to have a real plant? And then you can have a real plant, I don’t know how else to put this. Why are they better? Because they’re real.

NA: Because it’s not just a manufactured thing, it is a living thing.

SW: But when you buy fake plant you’re supporting the economy.  You said so yourself, it is manufactured, so you’re supporting manufacturers when you buy fake plants. And thus adding more stimulation to the economy then buying real plants.

NA: We gotta support the botanists too.

SW: Yeah, but they help create the fake planets. A lot them design them.

SW: Well folks, we’ll let you decide. Should you have a real plant or a fake plant? Remember, fake plants are your only real friends.

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