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Swimmer in the Fall, softball player in the Spring

Right: Morgan swimming breaststroke.
Left: Morgan at softball practice.

Right: Morgan swimming breaststroke. Left: Morgan at softball practice.

Cierra Szalony

Cierra Szalony

Right: Morgan swimming breaststroke. Left: Morgan at softball practice.

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It is unique for a swimmer to also partake in a sport that requires them to be out of the water, but for freshman Morgan Bucher, it has been a normal occurrence for years. Morgan has been swimming since the fourth grade, and she started to play softball during sixth grade. Even though she has played both sports for a long time, if she had to pick one sport to play, she would choose softball.

“I have been swimming longer than I have played softball, so softball is still new and exciting to me and I enjoy the game,” Bucher said.

The high school swim team only has a Varsity team, allowing Morgan to be a Varsity swimmer as a freshman; however, in softball, she is on the JV team. This doesn’t deter her motivation as she still puts in maximum effort and tries her best at each practice and game.

“It’s different being on Varsity for swim compared to JV for softball because for Varsity they expect a little more out of you, but in JV they still work on learning more,” Morgan said. “Both teams have you working the same amount.”

In softball, Morgan normally plays right field and sometimes left field, while her best event in swim is her five hundred freestyle. Both of these positions or events require Morgan to give a hundred percent dedication and attention to everything. While both sports have many physical demands, swim beats out softball.

“I would say my position in swim is harder because I’m always moving and using all of my energy wherein softball I’m not always running and having a lot of action it’s just always paying attention,” Morgan said.

Being a participant in the two sports requires serious time management. Two a day practices or back to back games means that there is a large amount of dedication. Morgan’s love for her sports and her team members has given her the confidence to run for captain in the upcoming years.

“I could see myself as a captain for either sport because I like making decisions about the team and coming up with fun things to do for the team,” Morgan said.

Even though one sport is water based and the other is out on the field, Morgan enjoys and embraces each experience the sports provide.

“In softball, I get to experience more excitement and action, and in swim, I get to just focus on me and my improvement,” Morgan said.

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Cierra Szalony, Staff Writer

Cierra Szalony is a junior who joined Yearbook and found an interest in Journalism. Her interest in joining Yearbook and Journalism sparked when she was asked to help take pictures of the Girl’s and Boy’s Swim and Dive team. Currently, Cierra covers the Junior Varsity Softball team. Cierra is passionate about New Technology High and advertises the program whenever possible.

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Swimmer in the Fall, softball player in the Spring