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Senior Colin Duffy excited to golf at Siena Heights

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Senior Colin Duffy of the boys golf team has high hopes for his last season, and for the next four years of his collegiate career. Golf has been apart of his life for a long time, about 13 years to be exact, so it makes sense that he will continue playing at Siena Heights on a scholarship. “I never really thought I could actually play in college, so it becoming a reality was really awesome for me,” Duffy said.

Surprisingly, Duffy hadn’t always planned on playing golf in college. Basketball is also one of his passions, and he’s coming off a great season on Varsity. “I always wanted to play basketball in college, but staying at 5’9 made me reconsider,” Duffy said.

Duffy started to focus more on golf and seriously consider playing in college his sophomore year. Although he originally wanted to go to a bigger school, he feels like the “small school vibe” at Siena Heights is right for him. “The [Sienna Heights] coach is a great fit for me and I like the team,” Duffy said.

The challenge of playing any collegiate sport is balancing it with school work. Duffy will major in history, minor in Spanish, and apply for the education program to become a certified teacher. The time commitment is one of his concerns, but he looks at it with optimism. “I’m not going to have much free time, but I’m giving it up for something that’s more important to me.”

Duffy’s future at Siena Heights is bright, and so is his last season of high school golf. His current team is not something he takes for granted. “I’m definitely going to miss my teammates, especially in the matches,” he said.

Nevertheless, he’s excited to join his new team at Siena Heights and play golf at the collegiate level. “I’m most looking forward to being able to dedicate myself to golf and use the college facilities,” Duffy said.

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Courtney Jarema, Staff Writer

Courtney Jarema is a junior who covers Spanish Honors Society and the boy's golf team. In the future, she hopes to be involved in photojournalism and writing...

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Senior Colin Duffy excited to golf at Siena Heights