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First grade students take on New Tech

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On Friday, April 20, PHS hosted Mrs. Nulls first grade class from Country Elementary. The students designed wind power cars with the New Tech seniors. The purpose of working with elementary students and bringing them to the high school was to introduce them to the engineering design cycle. The engineering design cycle is the process of researching, designing, testing and then redesigning a product. The project promoted S.T.E.M. classes and career pathways.

“Having kids hear that it’s okay when something doesn’t work on a design is very important, especially this early in life,” New Tech teacher Mr. Ozias said.

Ozias made his point by asking: “How often do you freak out if you get a bad grade?” He then explained “that’s because that person wasn’t taught that it’s okay to mess up the first time, as long as you adjust the next time.” 

Several elementary and high school students said they had fun.

“It’s a community outreach project. It’s really fun and we even get to hang out with kids,” senior Colin Duffy said. 

Each senior was in charge of a small group of kids. To start the project, the groups determined which design and what materials they would need. Then, they built a prototype. Each group tested and adjusted their prototype over and over again until the group was satisfied with the results. 

To the elementary kids, high school students are role models. Some still remember their high school mentor. For the time being, “Most kid’s favorite part was the hot dogs,” said Country Elementary technology teacher Mrs. Arsenault, who organized the project.


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First grade students take on New Tech