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First track meet reveals Pinckney potential

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First track meet reveals Pinckney potential

 JV throwers Samantha White (left) and Autumn Keough  (right) in the 100 Dash.

JV throwers Samantha White (left) and Autumn Keough (right) in the 100 Dash.

Sandra White

JV throwers Samantha White (left) and Autumn Keough (right) in the 100 Dash.

Sandra White

Sandra White

JV throwers Samantha White (left) and Autumn Keough (right) in the 100 Dash.

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                Pinckney Women’s Track and Field beat Ypsilanti Lincoln 91 – 45 on April 10. The women’s throwing showed promise in the season opener.

              Only 2 of Ypsilanti’s 3 discus members participated in the meet. Lincoln’s Edwards earned first place with a 80 feet and 11 inch throw.

“We did good as a team by taking second and third,” senior thrower Liz Wawrzyniak said.

                 The events have two throws each round, making a total of four throws per event.

First to go was Lincoln’s Kiera, with 52 feet and 1 inches for her first throw. Her second throw was a foul.

“Kiera seems to be a strong thrower,” senior JV thrower Samantha White said.

Lance Reynolds
Wawrzyniak (center) also ran in the 100m hurdels.

                Pinckney’s Wawrzyniak threw second, throwing 64 feet and 3 inches, and 63 feet. Neither of these throws were PR’s for Wawrzyniak. 

“She’s really passionate about developing her skills as an athlete,” Emma Gordon said.

            Gordon threw next. Her throws were 70 feet and 9 inches and 70 feet and 6 inches.

“Emma is one of our star players,” Varsity thrower Hannah Chenevert said. “Especially for shot put.”                                                                                  

Sabrina Lanker, another Pinckney girl, threw 78 feet and 8 inches and 70 feet and 6 inches. These were Lanker’s farthest throws of the night.

“Sabrina is one our strongest throwers,” Chenevert said.

Edwards went fifth, with marks of 70 feet and 80 feet and 11 inches. She had her best throws in this round. “She was pretty good,” Wawrzyniak said.

Last to throw for Pinckney was Hannah Chenevert. Her marks were 75 ft and 6 inches and 74 feet and 1 inch. “I love disc,”,Chenevert said. “

Kiera’s second round had throws of 50 feet and 8 inches and 43 feet and 4 inches. Her 52 foot and 1 inch throw turned out to be her best for the night.

“Keira may have not been the best thrower of the night,” White said, “but I’d be ecstatic to be able to do as well as she did tonight.”

In her second round, Wawrzyniak threw 67 feet and 3 inches and then fouled. Despite the foul, her last throw of the night had excellent technique.

“I might have not had the best night, but I know that rough nights happen,” Wawrzyniak said, “and it’s always worth sticking through”

            Gordon’s second round was not as far as her first, but was close to it. Her throws were 69 feet and 8 inches, and 70 feet and 3 inches.

“I feel a lot more confident,” Gordon said.

            Lanker’s throws were 76 feet and 1 inch and 76 feet and 6 inches. Although she fell during her final throw, Lanker successfully saved it.

“I didn’t get to see it,” Wawrzyniak said, “but  I’m impressed since she was able to still place second.”

             Edwards fouled on both of her throws in the second round. However, her earlier throws were enough for her to be first in the event.

“The cold weather held a lot of us back,” Gordon said, “but it’s just something we have to fight through.”

                   Chenevert also fouled on her last two throws. She placed third overall. “I want to get over 100 for disc and possibly go to states,” she said.

         The overall places were Edwards in first place, Lanker in second, and Chenevert in third. It was a close event, with Edwards and Lanker only 8 inches apart. “This is my and most of other JV’s first time seeing Varsity in competition,” White said. “It’s nice to see everyone do so well.”

Ypsilanti Lincoln did not have a throwing Junior Varsity team, so only Pinckney throwers were in the events. Most of the  JV throwers are new to the sport.

Lance Reynolds
Experienced Freshman JV thrower, Ava Kovacich, at start of 100 Dash.

I got into throwing this year because I wanted to try something new,” Annabelle Haberkorn said.

         Especially notable in JV was Sophomore Sydney Willey, who placed first in discus with a 73 foot and 10 inch throw. This is an unusually far throw for beginners. “Great job tonight, but tomorrow the work begins,” Coach Shelters said.

            Most  of the JV members also ran in the 100 Dash and 200 Dash. Only Willey did not run in both, doing only the 100 Dash. It was many of the girls first time running in a meet and with spikes. “The running was more enjoyable then I thought it would be,” White said. “I look forward to seeing what lies in store for us.”



Sandra White
JV throwers Samantha White (left) and Autumn Keough (right) in the 100 Dash.

The next meet will be the Senior Night meet at home on April 24. 

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First track meet reveals Pinckney potential