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Seniors to the DIA

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On Tuesday April 19th, Mr. Ozias’ 12th grade English class took a field trip to the Detroit Institute of Art, also known as the DIA. Many students were fantasized by the amazing art that was displayed. We interviewed one of the students that had the experience, Austin Keith.

We asked what his favorite piece of artwork was, “I enjoyed the African American man riding the horse, just thought it stood out to me,” he answered. Austin mentioned he would go back, “Everyone has their own views on art.” Austin responded as we asked him if he interpreted art differently from other people.

We asked Jordan Stephen’s about his most memorable memory of the DIA and he said, “when you walk in one of the rooms and there was a bright light, it was like a lighthouse with a storm.” He also mentioned that, that was his favorite part of the whole field trip. He explained that the trip was an amazing experience and he would go again in a heartbeat.

Overall, the students that went to the DIA felt it was a positive experience, and recommended going. Some even described it as “artistic and inspiring.” Everyone saw the art in a different light, and was able to relate it to some part of their life one way or another. They say that going even impacted the way they view art. If you want to see something amazing, go to the Detroit Institute of Art.

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Seniors to the DIA