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Ever wonder what those loud noises or explosions you hear once a year are all about? Well, it is probably the chemistry students and their wonderful experiments. There is a day just for the chemistry students to show what they are truly made of. This day is called “Chem Day”. This year it is on May 17th at Farley Hill Elementary School.
Chemistry Day is an opportunity for the elementary school students to get a taste of high school chemistry. Once a year the high school students in Honors Chemistry take a field trip to the elementary schools and perform experiments. This event’s purpose is to inspire the elementary students to take an interest in chemistry and acquire excitement to take Chemistry in high school.
The Honors Chemistry students perform a variety of experiments in front of the youngsters. Some favorites include the watermelon explosion experiment, experiments that involve fire, and making playdough.
Leah Williams, an Honors Chemistry student who participated in Chem Day last year, explains, “Chem day was one of my favorite field trips. My group made playdough with the students and they loved it.”
Mrs. Maurer and Mr. Gailitis are the staff members who are in charge of the event this year. They allow their students a week in class to prepare for the field trip. They enjoy showing the elementary students the cool things that can be done with chemistry.
“I am very excited to see the creativity of my students,” says Mrs. Maurer (pictured on bottom). “I have never been part of this event. I’m a little nervous!” she then admitted.
This high school field trip is a great experience for both the upper and lower classmen. It is a field trip that all Honors Chemistry students look forward to each year. It also ignites excitement about chemistry in many elementary students. All staff involved also value this field trip and will continue to make it happen in the years to come.

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