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Cinematography in Pinckney

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Do you enjoy comedic yet interesting videos? Look no further than the Purple Pill Productions Youtube channel. They have a variety of videos ranging from educational to comedic and appropriate to inappropriate. These group of young men produce the videos for their friends, family, and the greater good. If you haven’t seen their videos be sure to check them out at ‘’.
The film “crew” consists of two people, Sam Hall (center picture) and Rashard Pais (not pictured). This dynamic duo can film just about anything. They make the films look interesting and give them meaning. The equipment that they use gives them the ability to film videos with iMax theatre quality.
Elliot (top picture) an actor featured in the films explained, “All we have used this far are a Nikon camera and a laptop to make twenty videos. The idea started when my brother made a video and we wanted to treat the public to his comedic talent.”
The videos are unique and creative. Many hours of filming and editing have gone into them. If you are looking for a new channel on Youtube, Purple Pill Productions is available to the public.

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Cinematography in Pinckney