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AP Tests On the Horizon for Students

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The end of the year is coming up, which entails a lot of college preparations for the Juniors and the Seniors. Some of these preparations include AP testing for college credits which starts on May 2nd at Pinckney High School. We were able to talk to two students participating in the AP test and see what it is really about.
The AP test is a offered to students in advanced placement classes. If they pass the test with a three, four, or a five it will count as a college credit for the subject being tested on. This test is $92 and typically four hours long.
Danielle Knapp, a Junior at Pinckney High School, is taking three different AP tests. Knapp is being tested on AP Language and Composition, AP Psychology, and AP U.S History.
“I feel very prepared because we have done a lot of practice testing,” said Knapp when asked on the subject.
Another Junior, Luke Wittrup, is being tested on just the AP Language and Composition test. Wittrup heard from other students, like his sister, that the test is hard, but worth taking if the testee is confident.
When asked about preparations for the test Luke said, “I’ve taken AP English and we’ve done practice tests and writing, and crying a lot so I don’t cry a lot during the test.”
The Juniors and Seniors always have a lot going on at the end of the year, and the AP test is one of these things. In order to prepare themselves many students practice the material in their classes or on their own time. AP testing is just around the corner and very beneficial for those who succeed.

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AP Tests On the Horizon for Students