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Physics students take On Cedar Point

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On May 13th physics students at Pinckney High School will be attending Cedar Point to see physics in motion on Physics day.
When the new physics teacher Meghan Lingle was hired, she thought of bringing some of her old high school’s activities to Pinckney. One of which being Physics Day at Cedar Point. She plans the trip by herself but has one other chaperone who is yet to be decided.
Although the reason for physics day is to ride the roller coasters there are some requirements and other activities you do.
“The physics students who participate must be passing, also there is a packet they must fill out that will go into the test and quizzes category so if they do not complete it, it will hurt their grade,” Lingle tells us.
A student, Lynsey Jackson, attended last year and is currently in AP physics. She did tell us the worksheet was somewhat difficult. We talked to her and about her experience there.
“It was really fun and not very busy, I recommend everyone go at least once. The bus ride was not bad, it was actually my favorite part,” said Jackson.
There are a total of five Physics classes this year but only one bus so it will be a first come first serve basis. Everyone is expected to have a good time while learning more about physics and seeing things they learned throughout the year in action. If you are not in Physics but would like to attend this field trip make sure you take a Physics class next year so you can see Physics in action too.

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Physics students take On Cedar Point