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It’s election time again at Pinckney High School, and students from the freshmen, sophomore, and junior classes are competing for class council office for each of their grades.
Class elections are what will determine who will be on the class council for each grade level. Students put up posters around the school and think of creative ways to help their campaign win. Some students that are running are Riley Cervelli, Reece Ohmer, Macy Abner, and Sabrina Lanker.
Riley Cervelli, the Junior class president is running for her senior year. If she wins, she will become the senior class president; the most important job, and will have the responsibility of planning graduation, putting together senior bags, the senior float, planning class reunions, and must do a speech at graduation.
“I’m most excited to plan graduation and make senior bags,” said Cervelli.
Those running for the class of 2018 have different responsibilities. Class of 2018 representatives are required to build their class float for the homecoming parade, design class T-shirts, and plan Prom for 2017. Representatives for the class of 2019 do less, such as going to meetings and building the homecoming float.
Each of the candidates running for class counsel are campaigning to increase their chances of winning. Most candidates make creative posters that stand out and hand out candy.
Voting takes place Thursday, April 28th, 2016, but the results will not be in until the next day. Students can vote on a ballot at all lunches.

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