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On March 30th, 2016, Liam, Ben, and Joe Kennedy traveled by plane to Key Largo, Florida for their Spring break trip.
The three brothers usually stay home during the week of spring break each year, however, this year their dad surprised them with a trip to Key Largo. They stayed at a nice hotel that was located right on the beach. The first few days of the trip they hung out around the hotel and swam in the pool and sat on the beach. Liam did not like to go on the beach, so he sat in the big hammocks and read books while his brothers built sandcastles and played in the waves. On the last couple days of the trip they traveled to a family friend’s house who had a boat. They went fishing all day and ate what they caught for dinner. They stayed over night at the friend’s house so that the next day they could go snorkeling. Despite a small bout of sea sickness, the boys had a lot of fun looking at all the sea creatures lurking below. This was a great way to end the trip and the boys look forward to the next surprise their dad plans for them.

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