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Popping the question

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Junior, Kurt Poyhonen, asked Senior, Kelly Yanick to prom by making her pop 221 balloons with notes on top on April 3, 2016 to provide an original promposal.
“I walked into his room and I thought there was five [balloons] but there was two hundred and twenty one balloons hung up on the ceiling”, said Yanick.
Poyhonen and his family spent eleven hours to set up the display. Poyhonen wanted to do a different and original promposal, instead of holding a sign with a tacky saying on it; he wanted a real surprise.
Yanick had just gotten home from Gatlinburg, Tennessee the day before and heard Poyhonen had a surprise for her. She assumed he was asking her to prom, but did not expect the mass of balloons. Yanick took a needle and popped all the balloons in the room, which took ten minutes. On top of one balloon was a note that read “I love you!” Poyhonen told her it was not a promposal, only a welcome gift home. An hour later, Poyhonen asked Yanick to retrieve something from another room for him, and in the corner was one last balloon. Yanick popped it to see a note that read “Prom?”
“It was really cute,” Yanick shared.
Originally Poyhonen purchased 250 balloons from Target, but accidentally popped 29 in the process. Poyhonen was left with tap

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Popping the question