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Women of the World and Feminism

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In the 2015-16 school year, a new club was formed at Pinckney High School called, Women of the World. This new club was established to inform the community about inequality of the sexes. They now do things such as put up posters about feminism around the school, and attend presidential rallies.
Kelsey Hall is the founder and the president. Kelsey formed the group to “…educate people in the school about issues outside of Pinckney.” The group wishes to promote equality of all people from different sexual orientations, genders, and races.
They welcome anyone, from a person who is a strong feminist, to someone who just wants to learn more about social issues. People involved in this group have many different beliefs and backgrounds, but they all come together to fight for one common cause.
Women of the World is making moves in the district. This new group is a great collection of students whose main goal is to fight for what they believe in.

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Women of the World and Feminism