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Jazzy Resurrection

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Jazz is a genre about perseverance, about not giving up when something bad happens. The Pinckney High School Jazz Band shows this quality by deciding that when the school cut

The class, they would continue on.

The Pinckney High School Jazz Band is a student led band formed by Sven Adrieans and Matt Anderson. Both have taken part in the class that ran for the last couple years. They both have expressed a desire to keep the Jazz band going after they are out of high school. Adrieans joined the jazz band in his sophomore year, and he was originally put into the class randomly. He fell in love with it and the band director, Mr. Ash, who asked him to stay despite his desire to quit. Adrieans said “Mr. Ash was the perfect jazz director, and human being.” He says that the new director, Kevin Welling, lives up to Ash’s name. Adrieans said his favorite song to play is Channel One Suite because it features “A massively seductive saxophone solo” played by himself. “I’m just a god basically.” Adrieans said.

Anderson was a little more humble when asked these questions. He started the after school jazz band as a way to show the school that even if they cut a class, they can’t take away something the students love. Anderson originally joined the jazz band because he thought “Might as well take another music class.” in his sophomore year. Anderson ended up liking Ash just as much as Adrieans, saying he was “Literally Jesus” and he also believes that Mr. Welling is doing a fine job as the current director, because he played professionally on broadway and played with the Temptations. his favorite song to perform is Moonlight Serenade, because “It’s all me. (Matt)”

The jazz band has many shows coming up all throughout the months of April and May. A jazz summit led by Mr. Ash in Grand Rapids, Art in the Park, and the Pinckney Arts program just to name a few. They will play a wide variety of pieces, including; The Chicken, Birdland, Channel One Suite, Moonlight Serenade, Basie Straight Ahead, and many more.

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Jazzy Resurrection