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Dream Your Life Away Review

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Vance Joy released his first ever album, Dream Your Life Away, on September 5, 2014. The album gives an indie feel, and has soft instrumentals. The most popular song on the album is Riptide, the song gives off good vibes, and is different from the typical music you hear lately.

Joy is an Australian singer-songwriter. Joy has no other albums to compare Dream Your Life Away to, other than today’s popular music. The album, Dream Your Life Away, definitely has more morals than some music today, it has little of or no mention of “clubs going up on a tuesday” or “anacondas wanting big buns, hun”.

“You’re the reason that I feel so strong. The reason that I’m hanging on. You know you gave me all the time. Oh, did I give enough of mine?” Joy sings in his song, Mess is Mine. Mess is Mine is a simple song about the messiness of relationships.

Dream Your Life Away is a joyful album which makes you feel good while listening to it. It just gives off such a good environment, and doesn’t have vulgar language like most of today’s music feels the need to have.

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Dream Your Life Away Review