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Review: PVRIS-White Noise

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PVRIS released their new album White Noise on November 4. They are an American rock band formed in Lowell, Massachusetts. It’s original members were Lyndsey Gunnulfsen, Alex Babinski, Brian MacDonald, Brad Griffin and Kyle Anthony.

Anthony left the band shortly after it formed, for reasons unknown. In 2013 PVRIS made their way onto the Ernie Ball Stage of the Vans Warped Tour in both Mansfield, MA & Hartford, CT. The band soon after changed their name from “Paris” to “PVRIS” because of legal reasons, but not before releasing their first album Paris EP, which was a bit grittier and more powerful (both vocally and instrumentally) than White Noise and was categorized as “metalcore”. In October 2013 PVRIS joined other bands in the Rise Up Tour. Soon after the tour ended drummer Brad Griffin decided to leave the band. On June 18 PVRIS announced their signing to Rise/Velocity Records. On June 20th 2014 they released the single “St. Patrick”. In September PVRIS also joined the Ice Grills 2014 Tour in Japan.

White Noise is about relationships; whether it be starting one, ending one, or getting over one. Lead singer, Lyndsey Gunnulfsen sings with powerful emotions. Her anger is very apparent in the song “Fire” as seen in the lyrics “You’re out of line, Buried yourself alive and expected to be fine” and “Your bridges are burning. And all the tables are turning. You started a fire and you’re burning up.” The album also contains love and sadness with softer melodies and Gunnulfsen uses a lighter raspy and elegant voice to tone things down a bit. It shows a softer side of PVRIS that their fans might not have known was there.

I was extremely shocked when I listened to White Noise. I assumed it was going to be similar to Paris EP. This album had much more variation in emotion. The mood of each song was slightly different. It showed the deepness and layers of the band. It also showcased Gunnulfsen’s vocal range very well. Many compared PVRIS’ sound to Tonight Alive and Gunnulfsen’s voice to that of Hailey Williams’ of Paramore. I disagree with them completely. I believe Hailey Williams does not have a similar vocal range to Gunnulfsen. In my opinion, Williams sounds the same in every song, as if she is afraid to break out of her vocal comfort zone, but Gunnulfsen is capable of going from light and airy to loud and raspy flawlessly.

If I were to rate this album on a scale of 1-10 without having heard the Paris EP I would rate it 7/10; knowing how they used to be and seeing how they have grown and transformed makes me rate it 9/10. I believe older fans will be shocked at first but pleased, but newer ones will think this is the best album of 2014. Contrary to being an older fan, I have to say I agree with the newer fans. I have bought the album and am most likely listening to it as you read this.

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Review: PVRIS-White Noise