New School Lunches, A Waste Of Money? Or A Waste Of Time?

Nicholas Hartstang, Jacob Gee, Chelsea Wilson, Allyssa Toth, and Sarah Cavadas

October 20, 2014

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Child obesity rates have gone up, but is forcing students to take vegetables with their meals a good idea? Is fruit in the trash can a benefit to our school? Studies show the pros and cons of new school lunch regulations. ¬†With... Read more »



June 3, 2014

Student’s and Teacher’s Emails Hacked

Michaela March, News Editor

April 28, 2014

Filed under News

On Thursday, April 24, a few students from Pinckney High School received an automated phone call saying that they should not use their student email because... Read more »

End of School Year Changes

Michaela March, Shawn Kelley, and Riley Stheiner

April 24, 2014

Filed under News

Due to the excessive snow days, the school calendar was changed so that the underclassmen would have to stay in school until June 9, three... Read more »

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